Edward Emerson is a lifelong New Englander who lives in Massachusetts with his wife and three cats. He developed a love of reading while in fourth grade, after being given a copy of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe to ‘practice’ his reading on. That quickly morphed into a love for science fiction and fantasy. His interest in fantasy peaked while in high school when Bro. Ernie Beland assigned Thomas Mallory’s ‘Le Morte d’Arther’ to his English literature class. That one assignment opened the flood gates for fantasy books, short stories, and movies, planting the seeds to create his own fantasy world.

He put that desire on hold while he obtained employment in the manufacturing industry, where he remained for many years. After finding little satisfaction with the kinds of manufacturing jobs available in New England he transitioned into the construction industry. That turned out to be a good fit for him, and he was able to remain employed for some time, until the economy imploded in the mid two thousands, and the bottom dropped out of the construction industry. He then found himself unemployed, and wondering where to turn next for a paycheck.

After being unemployed for a few months, and working temporary gigs when he could land them, his wife, Karyn, suggested he revisit his desire to write a book. After doing some research together, and buying a few books on writing and publishing, he was finally able to sit down and start writing Anawyn. At that same time, he was attending some computer training classes available through the unemployment office. He completed the program, worked some more temporary gigs, and finally landed a permanent, full-time job as a System Administrator. He currently spends his spare time writing, playing paint ball with friends, and tinkering with his ‘70 Pontiac and bringing it to the occasional car show. At last count, he had the first drafts of three more Anawyn books completed and ready for their first round of editing. He hopes to continue writing, and desires to one day become a full-time writer.