Jason Harrison led a relatively uneventful, and somewhat predictable life as a machinist in New England. All that changed after he caught the attention of a powerful sorcerer from a different reality who recognized Jason as a descendant of a family who had been banished long ago from his reality. A reality where the practice of magic is the norm, armoured knights are a common sight, and creatures that Jason knows only from myth and legend roam freely around the countryside. Anawyn 3D sm

One night a travel conduit opens inside Jason’s home. A woman calls out for his help. He apprehensively steps through. The next morning, he wakes up to find himself twenty years younger, in a different reality, and surrounded by dwarfs, centaurs, elves, and dragons.

He quickly realizes that these different races don’t seem to be getting along all that well. Mistrust and accusations are flowing around him at every turn. Not only is this new country of Anawyn suffering from a lot of internal strife between the different races, but it is also on the brink of war with a terrifying, cruel enemy. One that is bent on the enslavement of all of Anawyn’s people and the exploitation of her natural resources.

While struggling to deal with all of the changes thrust upon him, Jason must also try to come to grips with two new companions: a wise-cracking lynx, who communicates with him telepathically, and a beautiful and powerful sorceress named Duncan. Together, the three of them seek to sew good relations between all of Anawyn’s people, getting them to put aside their many differences to focus on a threat much greater than any the country has had to face before.