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I began writing Anawyn in January of 2007 and finished the first draft in September of that same year. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had a lot more work ahead of me, especially when I looked over what I had created and found that it was more than eight-hundred pages in length. I never realized that I could have that much to say! That set the stage for the next big step, which was going to be some heavy-duty editing… and editing, and editing (whew). Little did I know then that the actual ‘writing the book’ part was going to be the easy part of this endeavor!

During my editing sessions, I was able to cut what I had written into book one and book two, which is tentatively titled ‘Huntington’. During that time, I sent out many publishing and agent inquiries, and came to realize that it’s very difficult for a new author to get his or her work out there to the public. In the meantime, I continued to write and edit and was even able to pen (or in my case pencil) the first drafts of books two, three, and four. I also developed a concept and rough outline for a different series that will belong to the urban fantasy genre, once I have a chance to write it.

Back to getting published: unable to find anyone willing to take a risk on a new, unknown author I began looking into self-publishing. That led me to Smashwords, and their easy to read and follow guides to publishing and marketing. Those guides really put things into gear for me. I started working diligently to meet all of Smashwords publishing standards, which landed me to right here, right now! This is my first foray into writing and publishing, and hopefully it will prove to be a successful one. It’s been a fun and arduous journey, and has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had.

Thanks for being here to take it with me.

Edward Emerson


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